Throughout history there have been assiduous individuals who have played a critical role in the struggle for justice. Empowered by a sense of belief and duty, they fearlessly stood up to make a difference in the world. They understood that real change does not come about through coercion, but through education, dialog, and a change of heart. Recognizing that all life is interrelated, they resolutely chose a path of nonviolence, engaging in an active campaign for change that demanded suffering, creativity, resourcefulness, and persistence.

Despite the fact that they lived in various time periods and came from diverse religious and cultural traditions in different parts of the world, there exists a relationship amongst them. Their efforts and accomplishments resulted in an intricate network of infinite inspiration that continues to influence people far and wide. We offer these songs in support of a revolution of the spirit in solidarity with those who are still suffering under unjust and oppressive conditions. And so for those who persistently asked, “Aren’t you finished yet?” or “When is that CD going to be done?” Here is the official answer: “The album is done, but the work is not.”

All songs written and produced by:
Sharon Silver & Daniel Sembello

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